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Many people experience whiplash in Henderson County, Texas, car accidents. It’s a common and painful injury that is often misunderstood. People who have whiplash may have limited mobility that prevents them from taking part in their usual activities. They may have to miss time from work. If negligence caused an accident that left you with whiplash, you deserve financial compensation.

Weinstein Law knows how insurance companies make it difficult to recover the financial compensation you deserve after you’ve been injured. Attorney Jeff Weinstein has been fighting for the injured in Athens, TX and throughout Henderson County for more than 20 years. He’s helped countless clients and he is ready to fight for you.

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Whiplash often occurs in rear-end accidents, but it can happen in many types of crashes. During the force of impact, your head can be snapped forward and backward – like the cracking of a whip. Muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck are stretched beyond their usual limits, leaving you injured.

You may experience neck pain, and possibly pain in the back or shoulders. There may also be other symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness or stiffness. Treatment for whiplash usually includes rest and pain medication. You may need to wear a neck brace or collar. Recovery may take weeks and you may need to see a doctor for follow-up appointments.

The medical expenses for treating whiplash can add up. You may also have to miss time from work, so there’s less income coming in. If the driver who hit you was negligent – for example, speeding, texting or driving recklessly – you shouldn’t have to pay for the damages you suffered.

Recovering financial compensation after a car accident can be complicated. The negligent driver who caused your whiplash injuries may not accept responsibility for the crash. The driver may deny even doing anything wrong.

Insurance companies aren’t on your side after an accident. They are always concerned about their profits and will try to pay you as little as possible. In addition, they don’t take whiplash seriously and will challenge the extent of your injuries. They may even try to blame you for causing the accident.

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That’s why you need an experienced car accident attorney who knows how to fight back against the insurance companies. Jeff knows the tactics that insurance companies use to minimize your whiplash injuries and try to pay you less. He helps you fight back by building strong cases that the insurance companies must take seriously.

Jeff starts by getting the facts. Our investigators take a close look at your car accident. We gather evidence, carefully review accident reports and medical records, and locate and interview witnesses. If needed, Jeff consults accident reconstruction experts and other specialists who can help him understand how the accident happened.

When insurance companies see that Jeff has built a strong case, they often agree to negotiate a settlement. Any resolution of your case must be one that meets your needs. You deserve compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your whiplash, any lost wages, and other damages, such as pain and suffering.

If you suffered a whiplash injury in a Henderson County car accident, you can count on Jeff to get the job done right. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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