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When you've been hurt in a wreck, it can be an uphill battle to recover the financial compensation that you are owed. The driver who caused your crash will likely deny doing anything wrong. Insurance companies may give you the runaround. Personal injury attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law has seen it happen again and again. That's why he helps clients fight back.

An injury can affect your life in many ways. You're in pain. You may be left with a temporary disability - or a permanent one. You may not be able to work. There may be no money coming in. And medical bills can add up fast.

Just remember one thing. The accident wasn't your fault. You deserve compensation. But to get it, you need a lawyer who knows how to get the job done. Attorney Jeff Weinstein has been living and working in Henderson County for more than 20 years. He knows the impact a wreck can have on families. He gets the facts and builds a strong case that the insurance companies have to take seriously. And he fights to get you the compensation you deserve.

You can read some of Jeff's case results below. These amounts are what our clients actually received after fees and expenses. Learn more about how a personal injury lawyer can help you with your case. Call 903-677-JEFF (903-677-5333) or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

"These aren't just numbers to me. I know the faces and pain of each of these injury victims. My staff and I want to get to know you and fight for you, too."
- Attorney Jeff Weinstein

  • $1,062,287: Oil Field Injury, Wrongful Death
  • $660,077: Drunk Driver, Auto Wreck
  • $346,071: Auto Wreck, Leg Injury
  • $218,915: Auto Wreck, Leg Injury
  • $207,333: Auto Wreck, Death
  • $143,337: Auto Wreck, Leg/Back Injury
  • $123,820: Fall at Store, Leg Injury
  • $122,750: 18-Wheeler Wreck, Head Injury
  • $115,516: Auto Wreck, Leg/Back Injury
  • $105,285: Auto Wreck, Arm/Hand injury
  • $98,701: Auto Wreck, Back/Internal Injury
  • $77,474: Auto Wreck, Chest/Back Injury
  • $61,267: Auto Wreck, Arm/Back Injury
  • $53,741: Auto Wreck, Wrongful Death
  • $49,894: Auto Wreck, Back Injury
  • $35,975: Auto Wreck, Head/Arm Injury
  • $37,110: Auto Wreck, Chest Injury
  • $34,933: Auto Wreck, Foot Injury
  • $39,326: Fall at Store, Foot Injury
  • $35,159: 18-Wheeler Wreck, Knee/Leg Injury
  • $31,518: Auto Wreck, Head Injury
  • $37,112: Auto Wreck, Back/Arm Injury
  • $26,968: Auto Wreck, Wrist/Foot Injury
  • $25,225: Auto Wreck, Leg Injury
  • $38,848: Auto Wreck, Head Injury
  • $66,616: Auto Wreck, Death
  • $51,238: Auto Wreck, Death
  • $33,245: Auto Wreck, Hand/Chest Injury
  • $62,976: Auto Wreck, Death
  • $46,317: Auto Wreck, Head/Back Injury
  • $61,797: Auto Wreck, Head/Chest Injury
  • $41,059: Auto Wreck, Back/Shoulder Injury
  • $31,088: Auto Wreck, Back/Neck/Leg Injury
  • $34,337: Fall at Store, Head Injury

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