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Attorney Jeff Weinstein stands up for injured cyclists

Cycling is a great way to get around Henderson County, and bicyclists have just as much right to use the road as motorists. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t see it that way, and it only takes one moment of negligence to change someone’s life forever. Attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law helps people injured in bicycle accidents pursue the financial compensation they deserve.

Head injuries are involved in 60% of bicycle accident deaths. (Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)Whether you got hit by a car or crashed your bike to avoid a collision with a negligent driver, a bicycle wreck can do a massive amount of damage. You may be unable to work for a long time and have sky-high medical bills. Your family and your future are at risk. This is a tough situation, but you don’t have to go it alone. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bicycle accident lawyer located in Athens, TX.

Understanding Texas’ bicycle laws

Under Texas law, a bicycle is a vehicle, and bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists. Cyclists are offered the use of bicycle lanes and trails but are not required to use them. Riding on the sidewalk is not generally legal in Texas and is also banned by local ordinance in Athens.

When riding slower than the speed of traffic, cyclists are required to ride as far to the right of the roadway as possible, but they are permitted to use the full lane when traveling at the speed of traffic – or when preparing for a turn, avoiding hazards, or using a lane too narrow to share.

Motorists are required to pass at a safe distance to the left, and while it is legal to pass a cyclist in a non-passing zone, the motor vehicle driver must make sure it is safe to do so.

We stand up for victims of all types of bicycle accidents

Again, under Texas law, motorists have a responsibility to share the road with bicycles. They need to pay attention, stay alert, and exercise caution, especially when making turns or overtaking (passing) bicyclists. However, too many drivers don’t take those responsibilities seriously, leading to:

  • Dooring: a driver or passenger opens a car door into the path of a bicycle. The cyclist either hits the door or swerves to avoid it and collides with another vehicle.
  • Left hook/left cross: a motorist making a left turn at an intersection fails to yield to an oncoming bicycle and turns in front of or into the cyclist.
  • Right hook: a motorist makes a right turn in front of or into a cyclist traveling in the same direction. This often occurs when the car and the bicycle are stopped side by side at a stop sign or traffic light.
  • Right cross: a motorist exiting a driveway or parking lot pulls into the roadway in the path of a bicycle.
  • Rear-end: a car collides with the back of a bicycle, often because the driver was following too closely and failed to account for the bicycle’s shorter stopping distance.

Regardless of how it happens, a car hitting a cyclist’s unprotected body can cause severe and permanent injuries. Even with helmets and other protective gear, cyclists are far less protected than people in enclosed vehicles. Life-altering injuries—such as concussions, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and brain injuries—are common. You have recourse under Texas law, but the last thing you need is to go up against an insurance company alone. We can help.

An Athens, TX bicycle accident attorney can deal with the insurance company

The insurance companies purposefully delay, dispute, and deny claims every day, and their representatives are adept at taking advantage of injured people. We know how to fight back. That starts with a full investigation to get to the bottom of what happened and why. We pore over accident reports, interview witnesses, and hire experts to help us prove that the driver who hit you was at fault. We’ll listen to your story and build a case for the compensation you need and deserve.

Usually, we’re able to negotiate a fair financial settlement with the insurance company, but if they don’t, we are always ready to take them to trial. Throughout the process, you can count on us to take care of your legal strategy while you focus on getting better.

The key is to act fast. Time is not on your side after a bicycle wreck – evidence will disappear, witnesses will forget what they saw, and important legal deadlines will expire. The sooner you get a bicycle accident lawyer on your side, the better. Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential, no-obligation consultation.


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