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Reading Your Texas Car Accident Report

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When you've been injured in a car accident, attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law can fight to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve. He begins by investigating your crash to get the facts about what really happened.

One of the first things he'll look at is the Texas Peace Officer's Crash Report that police filled out after responding to your accident. This document includes many important details that can help your case. For example, it includes information about the crash location, weather and road conditions and your injuries. It also includes information about the other driver.

We advise getting a copy of this report as soon as possible from Texas Department of Transportation. Jeff can meet with you for a free consultation and go over the details. He can also explain your options and answer any questions you have. Just contact us online to talk to a car accident lawyer.

Weinstein Accident Report pg. 1

Identification & Location

This section lists includes information about the crash location, including city or town, road or street, and intersecting streets. The police officer can also put down the exact GPS coordinates. The date and time will also be listed.

Vehicle, Driver & Persons

This section contains information about every driver involved in the accident. This includes the driver's contact information, license information, age, ethnicity and gender. The officer will also write down whether a driver was tested for drugs or alcohol and include the results. Information about passengers will also appear here. There is also information about the make, model and body type of each vehicle that was involved.

Weinstein Accident Report pg. 2

Disposition of Injured/Killed

This section lists any injuries or fatalities from the crash. It will list the hospital each victim was transported to, along with information about the ambulance. If a crash victim dies, the date and time of death will be recorded.


If anybody involved in the accident is charged with a crime, that information will appear in this section. The charges filed and citation number will appear here.


If a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) was involved in your crash, the police officer will record information about the vehicle in this section. This includes the company that owns the vehicle, the weight and details about any hazardous material being transported.

Narrative and Diagram

In this section, the investigating officer will include a determination of how your crash happened. There will be a narrative of the sequence of events leading up the crash. There will also be a diagram. This section can document certain factors that played a role in the crash, such as weather, lighting, road conditions or negligence.

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