No Distracted Driving, or NoDD, was created by Jeff Weinstein in 2010. As an attorney, Jeff has seen the destruction caused by distracted drivers first hand. His successful law practice in Athens was built by protecting the rights of those injured in catastrophic accidents and guiding devastated families through the legal maze that often follows.

But what Jeff would really like is for there to be no accidents in the first place.

“For more than 20 years, I have devoted my life to helping accident victims recover from their injuries, both physical and emotional,” he said. “In that time, I have seen many unfortunate events, most of which could have been avoided if not for the carelessness of another.”

“Today, my goal is to help prevent accidents from occurring by preaching safety and injury prevention. Promoting safety and protecting rights should go hand in hand,” he said.

Leaning on Jeff’s extensive experience as a lecturer, NODD offers free, multimedia Distracted Driving presentations to schools, businesses and civic groups.

The goal of NODD is to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and to encourage drivers to put down their cell phones while driving; no talking, texting, web-surfing or emailing.

“Just drive with your attention focused on driving,” Jeff said. “Keep our roadways, and yourself, safe.”

If you are interested in having someone from Weinstein Law speak to your organization about distracted driving, call us at 903-677-5333.