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What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents?

Wrecks involving 18-wheelers often lead to severe injury, death In East Texas, we're used to sharing the road with semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles. For the most part, truckers here in Henderson County follow the rules of the road and avoid driving recklessly. Still, it only takes one negligent big rig driver to cause...

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Most drivers know the dangers of distracted driving, but too many do it anyway Whether it's due to a cellphone, radio, cup of coffee, or passenger, distracted driving is a known driving risk that kills thousands of people every year. In 2020, more than 3,000 people needlessly died in fatal U.S. distracted driving accidents, according...

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Study: Texas Tops List of States With 'Worst Drivers'

Texas is tied with New Mexico for having the worst drivers in the entire United States, according to a new study by Car Insurance Comparison (CIC). Analysts say that a high rate of fatal car accidents involving speeding, drunk drivers, and careless drivers means the Lone Star State, and others, have some of the worst...

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What To Do If You Get Hit By A Car While Walking In Texas

The number of pedestrian accidents is rising in some parts of Texas, and it's not clear why. A recent rash of devastating auto-pedestrian crashes in the Lufkin/Nacogdoches region, for example, has killed multiple pedestrians. In 2020 there were 4,852 crashes involving pedestrians in Texas. The accidents resulted in 1,211 serious injuries and 731 deaths, according...

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Texas Leads US in Speeding-Related Fatal Crashes

An Athens, TX car accident lawyer examines the problem No state has experienced more speeding-related fatal car accidents over the last 10 years than Texas, a new study says. Over the years surveyed (2010 to 2019), 11,444 people died in Texas crashes where speed was a factor. While Texas may have the most fatal speeding...

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When Car Accidents Result In Facial Injuries

People drive every day on the highways and streets of East Texas. Nobody expects to get into a crash, but a car accident can happen at any time that leaves people seriously hurt. Lives can be changed in an instant. When victims suffer facial injuries, their lives can be impacted in many different ways. Facial...

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Texas Continues Grim Streak of Daily Traffic Fatalities

As of December 2019, it had been nearly two decades since Texas had gone a single day without a traffic fatality in a car accident or other type of crash. There have been updated statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) since then, but sadly, this streak of daily traffic deaths has continued. There...

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Negligence & left turns cause fatal motorcycle crashes

A driver making a left turn doesn’t sound like a particularly dangerous situation. But when there’s a negligent or inattentive motorist behind the wheel, anything can happen. These drivers fail to notice oncoming motorcycles when making a turn or try to cut them off. The result is often a motorcycle accident that leaves motorcyclists with...

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