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Fixing Bad Driving Habits Leads To Safer Roads

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We’ve all seen drivers with bad habits on the road – in Athens, Henderson County, and throughout East Texas. Whether you’re on the highway or driving in the city, there are drivers who are speeding, texting, or acting aggressively. Every year, these drivers are responsible for causing car accidents that leave victims with serious injuries.

Survey says bad driving habits are common

In the Traffic Safety Culture Index released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in November, more than half of respondents in the survey admitted to engaging in some type of risky driving behavior. But what can be done about it?

Arnie Kinsler, an AAA Driving School instructor, said he does his best to teach young students the importance of following the rules of the road. More experienced drivers need to stay vigilant to avoid slipping into dangerous habits, he said.

Here are some common sense fixes for bad driving habits, as suggested by AAA.

Distracted Driving

In the survey, this included behaviors such as holding and talking on a cell phone, as well as reading or sending texts and emails.

More than half of the drivers in the survey admitted to engaging in distracted driving, which can also include self-grooming, eating, drinking, or looking at something on the side of the road (e.g., rubbernecking).

Barbara Ward, a traffic safety specialist with AAA, said texting while driving is one of the top bad habits to break for drivers. But the fix is simple. Drivers should put their phones on "Do Not Disturb" and place mobile devices out of reach while they are driving.

Impaired Driving

This can involve getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, using marijuana, or taking prescription drugs. Impairment can result in reduced reaction time, poor judgment, and reduced coordination and concentration.

The fix is simply not to get behind the wheel if using any of these substances. Or use a designated driver, taxi, or ride-sharing service such as Lyft or Uber to ensure a safe journey for yourself and others on the road. Remember, making responsible choices when it comes to impaired driving can save lives and prevent accidents.

Drowsy Driving

This is defined in the survey as driving despite having a hard time keeping your eyes open. Fatigue and drowsiness result in decreased alertness, reduced concentration, and slower reaction times.

The fix to avoid tired driving on long trips is to stop for rest every two hours or 100 miles. Or, if possible, let someone else drive. Prioritizing rest and staying alert behind the wheel is essential for safe travel and accident prevention.


In the survey, this was defined as driving 15 mph over the limit on freeways and 10 mph over the limit on residential streets. When drivers speed, the distance needed to come to a complete stop increases, making them more likely to lose control and cause a wreck.

Ward says the fix is always knowing and following the posted speed limit. Using cruise control on a highway can also help drivers avoid speeding, but it's important to remember that it does not replace the need for vigilance and attentive driving.

While cruise control can help maintain a constant speed, it may not account for changing traffic conditions, sudden obstacles, or unexpected situations on the road.

Aggressive Driving

Examples include driving through a red light, switching lanes quickly, and tailgating. Aggressive driving creates dangerous traffic situations, increasing the risk of a collision.

The fix is to always follow the rules of the road and try to remain calm. For example, maintain a safe distance if a car ahead of you is driving slowly. Practicing patience and maintaining self-control while driving can help prevent accidents caused by aggressive behaviors on the road.

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