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Pedestrian Death Rate Down 5%: Why Safety Experts Aren't Celebrating

When pedestrian accidents occur, the aftermath can be devastating. Recent statistics indicate a 5% decline in pedestrian death rates, which may appear encouraging at first glance. However, safety experts urge caution. While any reduction in fatalities is a positive development, this decrease doesn't provide the full picture. Persistent dangers remain on our streets, and a...

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TxDOT: Share the Road, Look Twice for Motorcycles

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time dedicated to promoting the safety and well-being of motorcyclists. Unfortunately, many vehicle drivers don't view motorcycle riders as equals on the road, often neglecting to treat them with the same caution and respect as other vehicles. This neglect can lead to dangerous situations, serious motorcycle accidents, and...

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Brain Injuries Are A Common Outcome in Commercial Truck Wrecks

Truck accidents are among the most severe and devastating crashes on Texas roads. Due to their huge size and weight, even "minor" truck accidents often result in serious injuries and fatalities. Among the most concerning outcomes of these accidents are traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can have long-lasting and life-altering consequences. In the aftermath of...

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Keep Up with the Latest Trucking Regulations: Updates from FMCSA

Will new CDL requirements help prevent truck accidents? The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is considering changing its commercial driver’s license (CDL) testing requirements in an effort to attract more drivers, make the process easier, and reduce the number of commercial truck accidents, according to CCJ Digital, a trucking industry news website. The FMCSA...

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Fixing Bad Driving Habits Leads To Safer Roads

We’ve all seen drivers with bad habits on the road – in Athens, Henderson County, and throughout East Texas. Whether you’re on the highway or driving in the city, there are drivers who are speeding, texting, or acting aggressively. Every year, these drivers are responsible for causing car accidents that leave victims with serious injuries....

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Hidden Video Camera Lawsuits in Texas

An experienced attorney can fight for justice if your privacy has been violated. One of the most fundamental rights under Texas and federal law is the right to privacy. A violation of privacy is an attack on your dignity, and the consequences can be severe: fear, anxiety, distress, and even physical symptoms. Unfortunately, hidden cameras...

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Cities Across the U.S. Are Banning Right Turn on Red – Is Texas Next?

Could this be the beginning of the end of going right on red? Most states, including Texas, permit drivers to execute right turns at signaled intersections in the absence of oncoming traffic. But an escalating number of fatal pedestrian accidents is forcing communities to consider measures to improve safety - including banning right turns on...

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Lack Of Parking For Big Rigs Can Have Deadly Consequences

There are many causes of truck accidents on the nation's highways. These include drivers who speed, cargo that is improperly loaded, and commercial trucks put into service despite needing maintenance or repairs. But there's another cause that doesn't get as much attention. A shortage of parking spaces for semi-trucks is creating a hidden danger for...

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