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If you've been hurt in Henderson County, call Athens, TX attorney Jeff Weinstein

You've been hurt in a truck accident that clearly wasn't your fault. But the insurance company is giving you the runaround on your claim. Why are they giving you such a hard time? Attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law has seen it happen again and again. The truth is the insurance company is not on your side. Jeff takes action to get them to pay.

Insurance companies are businesses. And like other businesses, they want to make a profit. To keep their profits as high as possible, they'll try to pay you as little as possible after your accident. They'll use a number of different tactics to try to make that happen. Jeff has seen them all. And he helps his clients fight back to get fair compensation.

Here are just some of the tactics you may encounter:

  • They'll want to ask you some questions about the accident.
    Sounds harmless, right? Someone from the insurance company may call and ask you to give a recorded statement, as well as answer a few questions. But that's not what they really want. They're trying to trip you up and make you say something that they can twist to make it sound like you caused the accident. Do not answer any questions from the insurance company if they contact you. Tell them you need to talk to an attorney first, then call Jeff.
  • They'll put the blame for the accident on you.
    In Texas, personal injury cases are decided using a modified comparative fault rule. What that basically means is that if you are found to be at least 51% responsible for causing the accident, you cannot recover any damages. So insurance companies will try anything they can to blame you for what happened.
  • They'll question your injuries.
    Basically, they'll try to make it look like your injuries aren't really that bad. They may question your doctor's diagnosis or the need for certain treatments or procedures. They'll try to dig into your medical history and say that some of your injuries happened before the accident.
  • They'll make you a lowball settlement offer.
    Soon after the accident, someone from the insurance company may contact you with an offer to settle your claim. It sounds great, especially if the bills are piling up and they are promising quick payment. But they are trying to shortchange you. Their offer will likely fall far short of covering the damages you actually suffered. They're just trying to save money.

Jeff knows the games the insurance companies play. That's why he investigates your truck accident to get the facts. He builds a strong case that the insurance company has to take seriously. This often convinces the insurance company to negotiate a settlement. But if they won't negotiate a settlement, he'll be ready to fight for you in court.

It may take some time to resolve your case. But Jeff is dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome. There are no fees unless you collect. If you ever have any questions or concerns about how your case is going, all you have to do is call. Our clients get Jeff's cell phone number. You can call him directly any time.

You need an experienced truck accident attorney to get fair compensation from the insurance company. Meet with Jeff for a free consultation. Contact us today. If you can't come to our Athens, TX office, Jeff can meet at your home or any other location that's more convenient.


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