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TxDOT Urges Texans To Find A Sober Ride This Holiday Season

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A car accident lawyer in Athens, TX, explains what to do if you get hit by a drunk driver in Henderson County during the holidays.

'Tis the season to celebrate the holidays. Unfortunately, this time of year also often signals the start of another holiday trend – car accidents caused by drunk drivers. That's why the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently urged residents to find a sober ride home from festivities this holiday season.

"With everything going on in the world these past few years, we want everyone to be able to celebrate this joyous time of year without the tragic consequences of drinking and driving," TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams said in a recent statement. "Get together with family and friends and have a great time, but please find an alternative way home if you choose to drink. You have many options available."

The dangers posed by drunk drivers have been well-known for years, yet some people do it anyway and cause serious crashes. If you were hit by a drunk driver in Henderson County, you should contact Weinstein Law to see how a car accident lawyer who knows East Texas can help you deal with your injury claim or lawsuit. We know the law and understand how the legal system works regarding injuries and fatalities caused by drunk drivers.

How common are holiday drunk driving accidents?

First, it's important to understand how many car accidents occur around the holidays yearly in Texas. Last holiday season – which the Texas Department of Transportation defines as Dec. 1, 2021, to Jan. 1, 2022 – 48,641 car accidents resulted in 433 fatalities and 1,695 injuries.

How many of these car accident injuries and fatalities were caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol? Approximately 23 percent. That means that 98 people died, and 236 people were injured in collisions caused by drunk drivers in Texas.

What can be done to prevent drunk driving crashes?

The Texas Department of Transportation has several suggestions for preventing drunk driving accidents in the Lone Star State, including:

  • Designate a sober driver before going out with family and friends.
  • Call a taxi if you do not have a sober driver in your group.
  • Use a rideshare service such as Uber or Lyft to get everyone home safely.
  • Stay put at your location until someone sober can pick everyone up.
  • Call a reliable family member or friend and ask for a ride home.
  • Use public transportation to get home safely.

What should I do if a drunk driver hits me?

So, what should you do if you're involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver? Here are a few suggested steps:

  • Call 911 right away and tell them you were hit by a suspected drunk driver.
  • Wait in your vehicle for the police to arrive. Drunk drivers can be dangerous and unpredictable.
  • Ask the 911 dispatcher to send an ambulance if you or anyone else is injured.
  • When it's safe and if you are healthy enough, take detailed photos of your accident from different angles and viewpoints.
  • If someone witnessed your crash, get their name and contact information.
  • Other than eyewitnesses, only talk to the investigating police officer.
  • Don't talk to the drunk driver who caused your accident.
  • Make sure you see a doctor immediately so they can diagnose and document any potential injuries. Remember, even if you feel fine in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck, your adrenaline could be masking a severe injury. Therefore, never diagnose yourself and seek medical treatment after a car accident.
  • Call a car accident lawyer to learn more about your legal rights and potential options for compensation.

Hit by a drunk driver in Henderson County, TX? Let attorney Jeff Weinstein fight for the compensation you deserve.

Claims and lawsuits involving car accidents caused by drunk drivers might seem straightforward. The at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol and crashed into your car, so you should have no problem recovering the compensation you need for medical bills and other losses, right? Unfortunately, that's not always the case.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver may deny, dispute, or delay your claim. Without experienced legal representation to protect your rights, you may lose out on the compensation you're entitled to under Texas law. This is why you need an attorney to aggressively advocate for your best interests and fight for maximum compensation.

At Weinstein Law, our dedicated legal team can help you navigate these uncharted waters. Attorney Jeff Weinstein knows how to craft compelling arguments to show that a negligent party was responsible for the accident that injured you or your loved one. Then, he fights to make that party answer for their negligence.

Discover what our personal injury law firm can do for you, and contact us to schedule a free consultation. We handle injury claims and lawsuits in Henderson County and throughout East Texas.

"Jeff and his legal team helped me after I was injured in a car wreck. They kept me informed throughout the process and worked diligently until my case was settled. For me, the best part was no longer having to deal with the insurance adjusters myself. Jeff was able to get all of my medical bills paid with plenty of extra money in my pocket. I highly recommend Jeff Weinstein for anyone looking for a personal injury attorney. He takes the bull by the horns and will exceed your expectations!" - Randi.

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