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Intersections can be dangerous places for all vehicles, but especially for motorcycles. There are many vehicles traveling in different directions at significant speeds. It only take one negligent driver to cause a motorcycle accident that leaves people hurt. Attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law helps injured motorcyclists recover financial compensation.

Drivers can cause a motorcycle intersection accident by:

  • Speeding through a red light - We all know drivers that like to speed up when the light turns yellow to try to beat the red light. But when that light does turn red, they don't have the right of way. A driver speeding through the light can crash into a motorcyclist who has the green light and is starting to cross through the intersection.
  • Making a negligent left turn - A car makes a quick left-hand turn without checking for oncoming motorcycles. Or the driver sees a motorcycle approaching and tries to cut in front of it. The motorcyclist has little time to react and there is a crash.
  • Rear-ending motorcycles - A motorcyclist slows down and stops for a red light or stop sign. But a driver behind them is distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and crashes into the motorcycle.

However the accident happened, a motorcyclist can be left seriously hurt. Injuries often sustained in motorcycle accident include broken bones, back injuries, head injuries and neck injuries. An injured motorcyclist may need surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and medication. Medical expenses can become overwhelming.

You deserve financial compensation for your motorcycle accident. This includes compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injuries. It includes any lost wages if you are unable to return to work. There may be other damages as well, such as pain and suffering. But actually getting that compensation will be complicated.

Focused on results

Drivers in intersection accidents typically deny doing anything wrong. They may even try to blame you for the crash. That leaves you in the position of establishing the driver was negligent.  And don't expect any support from the insurance company. They are mostly interested in protecting their profits. They'll try to pay you as little as possible.

That's why you need an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Henderson County who knows how to get results. Jeff Weinstein knows how to hold negligent parties accountable. He is not intimidated by insurance companies or their lawyers. His focus is on helping motorcycle accident victims get the financial compensation they deserve.

Our legal team investigates your intersection accident to get the facts. We gather evidence. Jeff carefully reviews accident reports, medical records and other documentation related to the case. We identify and interview witnesses. If needed, Jeff consults accident reconstruction experts and other specialists.

When insurance companies see that Jeff has built a strong case and is ready to go the distance for you, they usually agree to talk about a settlement. But Jeff is only interested in a settlement that meets your needs. He is dedicated to helping you get the best possible outcome in your case. He has the experience you need and is ready to work for you.

Learn more about how an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you. Schedule a free consultation with Jeff. He'll review the details of your case, go over your legal options and give honest answers to your questions. Just call 903-677-JEFF (903-677-5333) or contact us online to set up a time.


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