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In some motorcycle accidents, a motorcyclist can be seriously injured even when a car is not in motion. This type of accident is called "dooring," but it also involves negligence on the part of the driver. Attorney Jeff Weinstein of Weinstein Law fights to help injured motorcyclists get the financial compensation they deserve.

Here's how it works. A motorcyclist is riding down the street. There's a parked car up ahead. Suddenly, the driver's side door of the car swings open. The motorcyclist can't stop in time and crashes into the open door. And both the motorcyclist and driver can be left with injuries.

How does this happen? There can be many factors involved in a motorcycle dooring accident:

  • Failure by the driver to check for motorcycles - Drivers have a responsibility to make sure it's safe before opening a door on the side of moving traffic. But many act carelessly.
  • Illegally-parked vehicles - Sometimes, drivers will pull over to the side of a road or traffic lane even though parking is not allowed. They may be planning a quick stop to drop something off, but don't think about the potential consequences of their actions.
  • Right-hand turns - When they are about to make a right-hand turn, motorcyclists will stick to the right, putting them close to parked cars on the road.
  • Poor visibility - Heavy rain or bright sun can make it harder for both the motorcyclist and driver to see clearly.
  • Road defects or debris - A motorcyclist may be forced to swerve close to a parked car while trying to avoid a pothole or piece of debris in the road.

These accidents can result in serious injuries. The motorcyclist may suffer broken bones, head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries or lacerations. In some cases, they may require surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy and medication.

Jeff holds negligent parties accountable

Dooring accidents can be avoided completely if the driver takes the time to carefully check the road before opening the door. It's as simple as looking over your shoulder! But they often deny any responsibility and blame the motorcyclist. Insurance companies are only too happy to take their side. They think of motorcyclists as being reckless and irresponsible.

That's why you need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve. Jeff has been helping motorcycle accident victims in Henderson County for more than 20 years. He knows the games insurance companies play. He also knows how to take on the insurance companies to get results.

Our legal team investigates your dooring accident to get the facts. We know where to look for evidence that can help your case. Jeff reviews accident reports, medical records and other documentation. We identify and interview witnesses. Jeff will consult with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists, if needed.

You can't wait for insurance companies to do the right thing. When insurance companies see that Jeff has built a strong case and is ready to fight for you all the way to court, they often become ready to talk. A skilled negotiator, Jeff can work to get you a settlement that meets your needs.

See how an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can make a difference in your case. Meet with Jeff for a free consultation. He'll go over your options and give you honest answers to your questions. All you have to do is call 903-677-JEFF (903-677-5333) or contact us online to set up a time.


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