Charles Gifford and his namesake granddaughter, Charley.

Charles Gifford, 75, was killed last month in a car crash that wasn’t his fault.

He and his dog were taking a drive along State Highway 31 when a pickup truck being driven too fast slammed into him, causing Mr. Gifford’s truck to leave the road and crash into a tree. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The driver of the other pickup — Joseph King, 35, of Tyler — currently sits in Henderson County Jail charged with Negligent Criminal Homicide, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Marijuana.

That day … the worst day for Mr. Gifford’s family … was Tuesday, May 9.

Joseph King

Exactly one week later Joseph King’s insurance company sent a claims letter to Mr. Gifford’s family.

The letter reads, in part, “… we will need several items to assess the extent of your injuries and fully evaluate your claim. I have enclosed a Medical Authorization Form and Provider List so we can request the medical bills and treatment notes associated with this accident. Please review these forms and complete them where indicated. Return them to the address listed on the top of this page.”

Attorney Jeff Weinstein has seen it all before.

“This is how you are treated when your father is killed by the insurance company’s driver,” he said. “We’re sorry your dad died in one sentience and here are the four paragraphs of hoops you have to jump through before we will talk further with you. You send all this information to the insurance company for what? They don’t even say what they are going to do once you provide the information.”

The truth is the insurance company and insurance industry have already determined the worth of the Gifford family’s “injuries,” they just have not told the Gifford family.

The Gifford family has given Weinstein Law permission to document their story in the hopes that it may help others in the same situation. Read all of the stories here.