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Community Mourns After Tragic Fatal Rear-End Truck Accident in East Texas

Truck rear-ends SUV (photo illustration)

The Canton community has been rocked by a recent, tragic truck accident that killed a baby and left a toddler in critical condition.

The crash happened during the second week of January on I-20 west. At around 12:30 p.m. the day of the accident, an 18-wheeler allegedly failed to slow down and slammed into the back of a smaller vehicle that was carrying three passengers and a driver.

The rear-end collision killed a 1-year-old girl from Fresno, California, and critically injured a 2-year-old girl from the same city, according to local news reports.

The driver, a 22-year-old San Francisco native, was treated and released at the scene of the crash. The passenger was transported to a Tyler hospital for treatment of "non-incapacitating" injuries.

As of this writing, it was unclear what caused the truck to slam into the back of the other vehicle, a Ford Escape SUV. The trucker, a 55-year-old Giddings man, was not injured in the crash. No charges have been filed against the trucker, and the incident is under investigation.

Fatal Henderson County Truck Accidents

This is not the first time that Henderson County has experienced a tragic crash involving a tractor-trailer—truck accidents happen far too often here and throughout East Texas. Typically, countywide there are two or three fatal truck accidents each year and about a dozen serious injury-causing tractor-trailer wrecks.

From 2017-2019, the most recent federal data available, local fatal truck accidents occurred on or nearby highways. Locations of recent Henderson County fatal truck wrecks include:

  • US-175 (at CR 2938 in Pauline)
  • SH-198 (at CR 2830 in Payne Springs)
  • NW Loop 7 (at the intersection of US-175 and SH-31 in Athens)
  • SH-804 (by Maggie Creek outside New York)
  • SH-31 W (in Chandler)
  • Close to FM 315 (Indianola Road by Big Eddy Bay near Tyler)

Types of Deadly Truck Accidents

The type of truck crash that most often turns fatal occurs when a semi rams into a passenger vehicle. Big rigs hitting cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and other types of motorized vehicles typically account for more than one out of three fatal truck accidents.

Head-on collisions in which the trucker crosses the center median and rear-end crashes in which the smaller car hits the back of the truck are also among the most deadly crash types.

Other frequent fatal truck crash types include rollovers, pedestrian hits, collisions with cyclists, explosions and fires, cargo shifts, jackknifes, and multi-vehicle pileups.

Truck Accidents & Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Families of fatal truck accident victims have recourse through the civil justice system. While no amount of money can erase the pain associated with the loss of a loved one, holding those who are at fault accountable can provide justice, closure, and financial compensation for certain losses.

Oftentimes, the victim's spouse or another eligible family member will pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault trucker, the trucking company, and/or any other liable parties. The problem is cases involving 18-wheelers are complicated, and identifying all potential sources of compensation is something that's best left to an experienced truck accident lawyer.

In addition to the trucker, other parties that may be responsible for a fatal truck accident or serious injury-causing commercial vehicle wreck may include:

  • The trucking company (also referred to as the "carrier")
  • The manufacturer of the truck or a truck parts manufacturer
  • A third-party vendor, such as a cargo loader
  • The cargo owner
  • A separate third party, such as a reckless driver who contributed to or caused the crash

Again, truck accident lawsuits are exceptionally complex and should only be handled by an experienced truck accident attorney. Along with identifying all liable parties, a lawyer can launch a thorough investigation, locate and preserve critical pieces of evidence (e.g., files and records that the trucking company may not need to save), build a strong case for compensation, and help you level the playing field against the trucking company's team of lawyers.

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