Verdicts & Settlements

At Weinstein Law, we are dedicated to obtaining fair money damages for accident victims.

These amounts are what our clients actually received after fees and expenses.

$193,567 Work-Related Auto Wreck, Leg Injury
$50,571 Slip and Fall, Knee Injury
$169,741 Wreck and Drunk Driver, Ankle Injury
$200,000 Auto Wreck, Head Trauma
$500,000 Auto Wreck, Death
$212,944 Theme Park, Eye Injury
$271,071 Injury at Work, Back and Leg
$250,640 House Fire, Death

  • Client was driving a school bus when she was rear-ended by another vehicle that failed to pay attention. She was taken to the Emergency Room by Ambulance and received treatment for injuries to several areas of her body including upper and lower body pain. Even though she was covered by insurance from work, we were able to secure a settlement against the driver that struck her that paid back her medical bills and provided a settlement to the client for her pain and suffering. WL case number 209970.
  • Client was traveling on an Interstate Highway when he was rear-ended by another car. There was no police report. Client received insurance information from the at fault driver. Client did not have health insurance but did have full coverage on his car. Client sought medical treatment for headaches and upper body pain. WL case number 209741.
  • Client had consumer issues concerning a credit matter. Bonner Walsh negotiated a resolution in client’s best interest and client satisfied to have credit issue resolved favorably. WL case number 202237.
  • Client was rear-ended by another vehicle. She was taken by ambulance to the ER for complaints of pain to her neck, back, hip, and legs. She didn’t’ want to hire a lawyer initially hoping the insurance company would work with her. When she did not receive the cooperation she was expecting from the insurance company, she retained Weinstein Law to help negotiate a settlement. We negotiated a resolution of her case out of Court and she was very happy with the settlement. WL case number 209227.
  • Client was being harassed by debt collectors. Our consumer law team helped stop the harassment and actually helped client receive money for the inappropriate acts of the debt collector. WL case number 210121.
  • Client injured when he was on his bicycle and hit by a vehicle that then left the scene of the collision. The incident happened early in the morning. The police were able to identify who hit the client. The client was treated for injuries to his left knee and left side. WL Case number 209792.
  • Client being harassed by debt collection company. Client requested company stop the harassment. Debt collection company refused. Client resolved claim to his satisfaction once Weinstein Law involved. WL case number 210171.
  • Client was injured when the vehicle she was in was struck from behind by a government owned vehicle. Client injured her back and received chiropractic treatment. WL case number 209931.
  • Client was a Passenger in a car with someone else when the vehicle she was in was rear-ended which then caused the vehicle client was in to hit another vehicle. Client received treatment at the Emergency Room and then began additional medical treatment. Insurance company for car that hit client offered very low settlement. Client declined and hired Weinstein Law. Client’s injuries included sprain to back and sprain to elbow. WL case number 209743.
  • Client injured when the vehicle she was in was rear-ended by a mental health van. Client injured her back and neck and received chiropractic treatment. WL case number 209940.
  • Client was traveling lawfully on a Highway around 7:00 pm when a car pulled out in front of him. He was taken by helicopter to the Emergency Room. His injuries included multiple stitches to his head, shoulder dislocation, a femur was broken, an ankle was broken and he had several significant injuries to his spine. WL case number 209971.
  • Client injured when the car that she was a passenger in was struck by a vehicle that caused a three car accident. Truck that caused the accident fled the scene of the accident. Client experienced stiffness, soreness, aches and pain in neck, shoulders and lower back. Client was also bruised from seat belt restraint. WL Case 209734.
  • Client injured when client had the right of way at an intersection and another vehicle disregarded the stop light and struck client’s vehicle. Client sustained injuries to lower back and hip. Also suffered whiplash injury and headaches. WL Case 209656.
  • Client driving with another vehicle traveling too close behind client. Client attempt to turn into a private drive and was struck from behind by vehicle traveling too closely. Client sustained injuries to arm, back and neck. WL Case 209790.
  • Client was lawfully stopped at a red light when a commercial vehicle failed to stop for the light and rear ended client. Client sustained neck and shoulder problems. WL Case 204691.
  • Client was injured in automobile collision when rear ended. Injuries included general body aches and injuries to neck and back. WL Case 209609.
  • Client injured when vehicle came into client’s lane and caused accident. Client suffered injury to her face, arm, ribs and back. WL Case 209712.
  • Client was at their local post office when they tripped and fell at an unmarked area where the curb and sidewalk separate. The client had pain in her legs and back due to the accident. WL case number 205060.
  • Client was driving with his family in the left-hand lane. A car pulled out from a parking lot into the left-hand lane, side-swiping our client’s car. The client required three stitches in his head and had pain in his jaw and knee from the car accident. WL case number 210205.
  • Client’s truck was taken from his front yard by a repossession company even though our client was current with all payments. When the repossession service took his truck, they went through all of the possessions inside and stole approximately $2,700. The repossession company claimed there was an error in paperwork. WL case number 210121.
  • Client was behind a vehicle in the center lane, both cars preparing to turn left. The vehicle in front of our client turned into oncoming traffic, was hit, and spun around hitting our client’s vehicle. Client suffered back pain due to the car wreck. WL case number 209829.
  • Client was walking at a local market when she fell 3 feet off of a sidewalk that had no guardrail. Our client blew out her ankle, as well skinned her face and knees. WL case number 209631.
  • Client was shopping at a local store when she slipped on an unknown slippery substance on the floor. Our client fractured her knee and had to use knee immobilizer as well as crutches due to the slip and fall accident. WL case number 205243.
  • Client was rear-ended by a woman driving with no license. Our client had to go to the Emergency Room with whiplash and pinched nerves caused by the car accident. WL case number 210022.
  • Client was at a four-way stop, with a vehicle on the right side of her. As our client went through the intersection, the other vehicle T-Boned our client’s car in the middle of the intersection. Our client suffered back pain from the car wreck. WL case number 209793.
  • Client was driving company’s 18 wheeler truck when another car pulled out in front of him. Our client suffered neck and back pain in the 18 wheeler accident and had to go to the hospital. WL case number 211600.
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