If you have received damage to your home or commercial building after a hail storm or wind damage, how do you protect yourself from being financially taken advantage of or scams?

You hear stories every day of innocent victims that give money to a contractor only to never hear from the contractor again.

Attorney Jeff Weinstein says, “Don’t hire the first person that knocks on your door to help. Most reputable contractors and roofers don’t do door-to-door knocking. They get their business like we do, from referrals of past happy customers.”

It’s more important to hire a company that has proof of insurance that you an confirm. Make sure they are bonded and have the proper licenses, Weinstein added.

Top 5 things to do to protect yourself when hiring someone to make repairs to your home from storm damage:

  1. If someone contacts you first through social media, check out their credentials very thoroughly.
  2. Don’t pay for the work upfront, pay after you have approved and are satisfied with the work.
  3. Get more than one estimate.
  4. Make sure you document every conversation you with the insurance company and the contractor.
  5. Call an attorney that handles property damage claims if you have any questions, initial consultations are usually free.

Jeff Weinstein is a 31-year lawyer handling injury and property damage claims throughout Texas. Call or text Jeff on his cell, 903-340-9799.