State Rep. Tom Craddick

State Rep. Tom Craddick

For the third straight legislative session, Texas lawmakers will decide on a bill to ban texting and driving in the state when they convene in 2015.

Texas is one of only six states in the nation which does not already have a ban in place.

The bill has been filed — again — by Rep. Tom Craddick, R-Midland. An identical companion bill has been filed in the senate — again — by State Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo. There are even a couple of duplicate bills filed.

A texting and driving ban passed both houses of the Legislature in 2011 only to be vetoed by Gov. Rick Perry. In 2013, the bill passed the House and was set to pass the Senate when State Sen. Robert Nichols killed it because, “It’s a lot of pain to put the members through for a likely veto. If it is not going to pass in the governor’s mansion, why do we need to go through this?”

This session, there is a new governor.

Will there be a new result for the texting and driving ban? Only time will tell.

But I certainly hope Governor-elect Greg Abbott does the right thing, otherwise we will be counting the time until the next chance in bodies — again.